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‘Metalworking Experience’, Let’s Craft a Silver Bangle Bracelet!

Workshop Experience

– Contents: Metalworking Experience (Bangle Bracelet)
– Participation Fee: 7,000 ~ 10,000 JPY (incl. tax) *Material costs included. Price depends on the width of the bracelet.
– Time required: About 90 minutes (Depending on the individual pace)
– How to make a reservation: Please call us at the number below, and let us know your ① Contact Information ② Preferred date and time ③ Number of Participants.
*The set number for participants is up to 5 persons for bracelets and up to 10 persons for rings.
*Other than bangle bracelets, we also offer ‘Flat Ring Crafting’ experiences.

Ms. Koizumi (to the right), trying the metalworking experience, and Mr. Izumi (to the left) from Ginsen Izumiken, leading the experience.

Let’s craft silver accessories in bustling Asakusa!

Asakusa in Taito ward, Tokyo, is always bustling with tourists. At the shop & workshop Ginsen Izumiken, located along the Hisago Street extending to the backside of the Sensou-ji temple, you can participate a metalworking experience. Following the sign on the road and walking up the stairs, the shop is to the left, and the workshop is to the right. The workshop is the workspace Mr. Izumi from Ginsen Izumiken uses every day. Metalworking experiences and metalworking classes are held in this workshop as well. For metalworking experiences you can choose to craft either a bangle bracelet or a flat ring. For today’s hand-on experience Ms. Koizumi chose the bangle bracelet. Previously her daughter crafted a bangle bracelet under Mr. Izumi’s guidance, and today her mother wants to craft a matching bracelet. After listening to Mr. Izumi’s explanation about the overall flow of the experience and required time, the bangle bracelet crafting experience is ready to start.

Struggling with unknown tools!!

“Please choose your preferred width, six, eight or ten millimetres.” With these words Mr. Izumi presents three thick wires of silver. Ms. Koizumi chooses the one with ten millimetres width. Next Mr. Izumi cuts off the necessary length for her wrist circumference.

Taking a closer look at the silver strip not only the cut section, even the sides are quite edged. Using a file to carefully soften the edges is the first step.

‘It is the first time holding or even seeing a file’ says Ms. Koizumi. The whole time she listens eagerly to Mr. Izumi’s explanations.

‘It is difficult to evenly distribute force’ says Ms. Izumi. She continues to work on the silver strip, occasionally checking with her fingertips if the edgeshave been smoothened out properly, and if both sides are aligned symmetrically. After a while she changes to a hand scraping tool called ‘Kisage’ to further smoothen out any rough surfaces left by the file.

After sufficiently smoothing out the edges with the Kisage, she goes on to dull the silver strip with a gas burner, then soaks it in dilute sulfuric acid and lastly polishes the silver strip with a soft, dry cloth, bringing out the silver’s shine again.

Finally, it is time to decorate the bracelet by hammering and engraving!!

Inspecting the width of the hammerheads and the designs for the engravings, envisioning the finished product, a suitable metal hammer and a chisel for the engravings are chosen.

You can choose from many chisels for the engravings, to make flower and leaf designs, or even engravings that you can connect to look like Indian jewellery. It can be difficult to choose on the spot, so it might be best to envision and research the kind of jewellery you want to craft beforehand. Ms. Koizumi chose to strike the whole surface of the bracelet with the hammer, and engrave seals on both ends.

Applying hammer marks and engravings, the decoration process is complete, and Mr Izumi adjusts the shape to fit Ms. Koizumi’s wrist. After the bangle shape is established, as a last step a soft, dry cloth is again used to polish the silver and bring out its shininess. Here you can see the finished bangle bracelet. It is quite the masterpiece.

Another positive is that, as a simple silver accessory, you can use the bracelet every day. For maintenance it suffices to moisten some baking soda and rub it in with your fingers. If you put it into a sealed plastic container, the colour will not change either.

After the metalworking experience take a stroll around Asakusa for a fulfilling day!

The experience requires one and a half to two hours. The metalworking experience gives you a chance to craft a silver accessory to your individual liking, making it a very satisfactory experience. After the end of the experience make sure to also take a look at the store adjacent to the workshop. And on the way home, how about a stroll through Asakusa? Enjoy a fulfilling time with this metalworking experience.

– Company Name: Ginsen Izumiken
– Address: SDS Bldg. 201, Asakusa 2-26-5, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
– Business hours: 10:00 – 18:00
– Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays, Beginning and End of the Year, Occasionally irregular holidays during summer holiday etc.
– Homepage:
– Access: Tsukuba Express Line, 4 minutes’ walk from Asakusa Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, 10 minutes’ walk from Asakusa Station, Toei Asakusa Line, 15 minutes’ walk from Asakusa Station