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Jewelry Sashou

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Its Roots are the Chic of Edo.

When you look at Tatsumi Geishas (Geishas of the Fukagawa Area of Edo (modern day Tokyo) in the Edo Period (1603 – 1868)), you see the ‘chic’ of Edo. Their demeanour and attire, together with their policy of ‘heart and vigour’, was the reason they were adored by men and women. The roots of jewelry reform & shop SASHOU are in crafting the ornaments these Tatsumi Geishas were wearing. The grandfather of the craftsman in the third generation, Shinichi Sashou, crafted hairpins and obidome (knuckles for obi belts) in accordance with the wishes of the Tatsumi Geishas. When Mr Sashou was still a child, there was  a fuigo (bellows) in the workshop, and next to it, he says, there was a birdcage. His grandfather used the fuigo to kindle the fire and melt bullions, casting, hammering and engraving them, crafting lustrous ornaments. Apparently the bird in the birdcage was kept because with its twittering it signalled the change in air during the casting process. The times changed, and nowadays there is neither a fuigo, nor a bird cage in the workshop. Though, the steps of casting, hammering and engraving by hand in the workshop did not change. Trusting in their techniques, requests come from all over the country. A lot of them are requests to reform keepsakes and relics. Mr Sashou sincerely processes each single request, filling the ornaments with life once again.

Jewelry Sashou
14-21,Takahashi,Kouto-ku,Tokyo 131-0005
Shinichi Sashou