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Shimizu Glass Corp.

22 Edo Kiriko (Cut Glassware)

An old workshop prepared to work in new fields.

In the world of Edo Kiriko cut glass, Shimizu Glass Corp. is unique as a company in several respects. First is its leadership by woman: Michiyo Shimizu. The level of Shimizu’s production also stands out, with its staff of nine producing as much cut glass as any of the workshops in the field. Day to day production is overseen by a craftsman with more than 60 years experience, and together with four other veterans, is realised by four younger staff, three of them women.
Shimizu Glass Corp. began production in 1923, and while it is highly established in Edo Kiriko, only began to develop its own designs in the last 30 years. Prior to this it had specialised in production to order in luxury glassware. A big turning point for the firm came in 2009 when its main subcontracting counter party abandoned its business in glass. It was at this point that Shimizu Glass moved decisively to apply its highly developed and skilled production techniques to its own designs. The technical quality of the glass Shimizu can make, together with its level of output and flexibility to order are the strengths of the business. It has brought these strengths to its own product lines, and to an increasing number of individual orders of items for celebration or personal memento. With no project too ambitious, Shimizu was also behind the glass design within the elevators of the new Skytree tower in Tokyo, and the Edo Kiriko objet presented at its fourth floor ticket counter. Moving beyond the kitchen and dining table, Shimizu after more than 90 years is expanding the field of Edo Kiriko to architecture, accessories and other areas. And in doing so, expanding the appeal of Edo Kiriko itself.

Shimizu Glass Corp.
4-64-7,Horikiri,Katsushika-ku,Tokyo 124-0006
Michiyo Shimizu