TOKYO Teshigoto

Social Media Policy

  1. The Tokyo Teshigoto project has the below three social media accounts associated to it. The Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center (‘the center’ or ‘we’ below) operates each of them:
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Twitter.
  2. Policy towards social media comments and posts.
    1. We will not read or reply to every comment, related posts, reply and direct message received via social media. Any opinions or enquiries in relation to our events or activities should be sent via the contact details given for each account.
    2. We may delete social media posts and comments made to us without warning should they:
      a. Be actually or potentially in breach of the law.
      b. Be slanderous toward individuals or organisations.
      c. Have the objective of promoting political or religious views.
      d. Breach the intellectual property rights of the center or external third parties.
      e. Have the purpose of advertising, publicity or other forms of sales.
      f. Be discriminatory against race and beliefs; or encourage discrimination.
      g. Be detrimental to public order, or public morals.
      h. Be misinformation or otherwise untrue.
      i. Disclose personal information or breach privacy without permission.
      j. Use or promote malicious software, or appear to do so.
      k. Include a link to a homepage that includes any aspect described in a-j above.
      l. Include any content we assess impropriate in a way other than that described above.
  3. Policy toward friend and follow requests SocialMediaPolicy.rtf
    1. In the case that it is received from a national or local government body, or an organisation with clear public purpose then we may, based on need, consider a friend, follow or other request. In the case of other accounts, as a general rule, we will not accept requests to friend, follow or otherwise.
    2. When it is unavoidable through limitations of space, we may use URL shortening services when linking to other content.