TOKYO Teshigoto

About "TOKYO Teshigoto"

Tokyo's traditional crafts, honed and refined by the craftsmanship and vitality of the Edo craftsmen with their rich enterprising spirits, have been handed down unbroken and cherished by its people over the generations.

""TOKYO Teshigoto"" is an initiative that conveys to Japan and the world the exquisiteness of the sophisticated handworks or ""teshigoto"" of the masters known as the ""Takumi"", by shedding light on their traditional skills.

In addition to spreading the Edo aesthetics of ""iki"" and ""inase"", and appealing the outstanding everyday functionalities of their crafts, the Takumi are challenging new types of crafts brimming with Tokyo sensations so more people can enrich their lifestyles with traditional crafts.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center embarked on the ‘TOKYO Teshigoto’ project in 2015 to build on existing aims of developing traditional craft products for the modern consumer, and of opening new markets at home and abroad for Tokyo based craftspeople.