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29 Tokyo Uchihamono (Hand-Forged Blades)

“When I was young, I was happy to have the same name as my grandfather”

It was around 1963 (Showa 38) that his grandfather Shojiro split the business with his brothers and started a blacksmith shop in Narita. As the sixth generation to inherit the same name, Shojiro Ishizuka is a true blacksmith – he even made a kitchen knife for a parent-child summer project while he was still in elementary school. Seeing how happy customers were when they held the knives forged by his grandfather and father and wanting to do the same to make them happy, he decided to take up the family business at the age of 23.

Ishizuka prefers to use a traditional technique hammering the blades without using a mold, called “Souhi-zukuri”. He also hammers the “Wagoshirae,” the handle of the scissors, and shapes it to the best angle that fits for the fingers. These exquisitely crafted scissors make an eerie “shuffling” sound without any unnecessary effort.

The blade length and patterns can be customized

Among the blades that he is asked to resharpen or replace the handles on, it is not uncommon to see ones that were made by his grandfather. “If you control the oxide (black rust) and take care of the blade, you can use it for 50-60 years. We want people to use good ones for a long time,” says Ishizuka.

“Once you use it, you will never go back to anything else”

The longer you use the high-quality, technically-advanced knives that Shojiro is proud to offer, the more you will grow to love them, and you will never want to be without them.

The interior of the workshop (hands-on sessions are also held in the workshop)

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