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Edo Kiriko (Cut Glassware)

A glass maker with a window onto the past.

Hirota Glass was established in 1899, and is one of the oldest glassmakers in Tokyo. From its earliest days, the company has positioned itself on the edge of product development and new ideas in glass. Beginning with containers for cheap sweats, Hirota Glass also made goldfish bowls, lampshades, bottles and tableware across a wide range. Today it still produces with deep variety, and has around 800 different items offered. In Tokyo, the local government recognises two classes of traditional crafts in glass: Edo Kiriko and Edo Glass. Hirota Glass produces both. With its many years of acquired knowledge in glass, the company is able to apply its capabilities to new product ideas, and to revivals of lost classics. Paperweights made using the cut glass skills of Edo Kiriko craftspeople working on optical glass painted with lacquer, a revival series based on the milk white glass of Japan in the 1920s (Japan’s Taisho Era) – and many others are among this. The milky white glass is made using a method called ‘aburidashi’ which uses bone ash, a special cooling technique and was recreated by Hirota Glass from the molds onwards. The Taisho Roman Series from Hirota brings a nostalgic, warm feel to the modern home. The company is now in its fourth generation, and is headed by Tatsuaki Hirota who says ‘glass when used in products can offer a special beauty and functionality.’ It is on this basis, and on its rich past, that he wishes to take the company into the future.

2-6-5,Kinshi,Suida-ku,Tokyo 130-0013
Tatsuaki Hirota