TOKYO Teshigoto

Higaki Engraving Crafts

Tokyo Chokin (Metal Chasing)

A shimmering original.

The third generation of Higaki Engraving Crafts, which was founded during the Taisho Period (1912 – 1926), is the current owner Takahiro Higaki. Nowadays, “hand-weaving jewellery” is the specialty jewellery of Higaki Engraving Crafts, though Mr Takahiro’s father, the atelier’s second generation Mr Nobuo, was a skilled metalsmith that crafted various types of jewellery. The reason for exploring the genre of hand-weaving jewellery, which cannot be easily imitated, was the traditional handicraft “Sugezaiku (Sedge work)”, which Mr Takahiro came across by chance before stepping into the world of metal engraving. When Mr Takahiro saw the Sugeizaku he recalled the hand-weaving crafts his father previously worked on, and feeling tremendous potential in the idea of “hand-weaving jewellery”, he engulfed himself in the world of metal engraving. Since then, the technique and beauty have been polished by the two generations of parent and child, and “hand-weaving jewellery” has been established. The “hand-weaving jewellery”, now a synonym for Higaki Engraving Crafts, keeps fascinating people with its unique shimmering.