TOKYO Teshigoto


Tokyo Uchihamono (Hand-Forged Blades)

An object of envy for practitioners of flower arrangement.

There are scissors that flower artists from all over the country are waiting for. Feedback such as “it is like the edges of the blades have their own eyes” or “using the blades feels like using your fingertips”, all come from the voices of marvel about scissors with functionality that surpasses expectations. In addition, you can enjoy the beauty of its appearance. Just being placed on a desk, the shape gives off a noble atmosphere. However, Iwao Kawasumi, who creates this ultimate functional beauty, has an easy-going personality without a trace of eccentricity. “These are edged tools, of course they can cut” he says without hesitation. Upon asking, we learn that at first he used to make “sento”, which are scissors used in medical procedures, and forceps, though after taking on the request of an ikebana enthusiast in his neighbourhood, in the blink of an eye his name became known among flower arrangement practitioners all over the country. Mr Kawasumi also says: “I hate handmade.” Implied is his pride in that “the value does not come from just being handmade, but from creating a level of quality that cannot be imitated by machines”. He looks easy-going, though you can feel his inquisitive mind and past efforts shining through intensely.