TOKYO Teshigoto

TOKYO RAXA scissors are said to have
the sharpness of Japanese swords.

Scissors made by Ishizuka Shojiro,
sixth generation blade maker at Shojiro Hasami Hamono Kougei,
a longstanding workshop with roots in the manufacture of swords.

Tokyo Uchihamono hand-forged blades are a byword for scissors.
The Craftsmen who make RAXA scissors,
used by professionals for many years,
have demonstrated their master skills to the fullest
in the creation of these scissors.

After repeated trials, Ishizuka came up with a blade
that is large enough for daily use and long enough to cut cloth.
The handle is designed to be comfortable in the hand
so that it can be used by both left and right-handed people.

These blades are made using a technique called souhizukuri,
in which various shapes are hammered out
from a single piece of hot steel without using a mold.

The right handle and left handle are bent
so that the upper part of the handle
and the left and right joints are perfectly aligned.
The strength of the bent part is lost if the bending process
is repeated too many times,
so the shape is decided in one shot.
This is truly a skillful technique.

These scissors come in two colors:
silver and black with the surface left as forged.
In the latter case,
the black surface has not been scraped off
after being beaten by hand,
helping to prevent rust caused by grease and repel moisture.

The line from the handle to the tip of the blade,
the scissors pattern engraved on the fulcrum,
and the rounded square line of the handle are beautiful.

With outstanding cutting qualities,
these sharp scissors are not just for looking at
but were made to be used.
Please pick up a pair and try it for yourself.

By tightening the fulcrum screw and sharpening the blades,
you can maintain these scissors in excellent condition.

In fact, if properly cared for,
these scissors can be used for generations to come.

Materials: Steel, iron
Size: W200mm × D72mm × H15mm
Types: Silver, Black

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