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Rattan is an outstanding natural material.

Even after having been fashioned into a product,
rattan continues to breathe, taking moisture from the air in
and out through countless internal pores.

In hot and humid summers,
it absorbs moisture to lower the humidity, and in dry winters,
it releases moisture stored inside to raise the humidity,
which has the effect of controlling the temperature.

When you sit on this rattan armchair,
which makes the most of the flexibility and elasticity of rattan,
you can experience the enveloping comfort of the rattan curve
which runs from the backrest to the seat.

Chairs made with fewer parts are lighter and easier to handle.
But even with fewer parts,
strength is an essential property for a chair.
This chair, which is not only light and strong
but also has beautiful curves, is an original design by Kase Fumio,
a craftsman at Tokyo Rattan Craft
who knows rattan materials like the back of his hand.

To make full use of the characteristics of rattan,
you need to have a good eye for the material.

Even with the same material, it is necessary to judge the hardness
and elasticity of each individual piece,
select the right materials for each section of the chair,
and modify the sections of the chair where the materials are used.

The rattan is steamed or roasted,
bent to fit the wooden frame, and dried.
In addition to the characteristics of the material,
the degree of stretching during drying
is also taken into account according to the season and weather.
The dried parts are assembled,
and the rattan armchair is now complete and ready for use.

Why not make quality time spent in a rattan armchair
with superb seating comfort part of your daily routine?

A rattan armchair, carefully crafted by hand by a skilled artisan,
will become a cherished friend in your life,
to be used and cared for frequently as its color changes over time.

Rattan Armchair
Material: Rattan
Size: W520mm × D560mm × H745mm × Seat Height 400mm
Type: One type only

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