TOKYO Teshigoto

Instead of using a mold, these scissor blades are crafted
by a process of smithing, where steel is heated and hammered
into thedesired shape—the same method used in traditional
Japanese sword-making.Each individual item, including the handle,
is made by specialist artisans.Tokyo Raxa has taken the superior
sharpnessof the Japanese bladeand developed it for modern
life in these superior-quality scissors.

Yoichiro and Shojiro Ishizuka, father-and-son artisans,
had the idea of re-making the traditional Raxa scissors
for use in day-to-day life in the home.
The major changes were made to the handle and the blade.
Altering the handle design so that it would be an easier
shape to grip, they rendered it symmetrical on right and left.

The scissors were made easier to handle—something you can
easily reach for whenever you need them.
They adjusted the contact point of the handle so that there is
space on right and left. The blade was made about 10mm shorter,
broader, and rounded at the end. These changes represent
improvements to both safety and maintenance.

The result of these modifications and improvements
is the TOKYO RAXA2 scissors.
These excellent quality scissors are so safe that anyone
can use them, even children—and maintenance is so easy
that they will be around for generations to come.

The Ishizukas also achieved a lower cost for this them,
despite the fact that each pair is still produced by smithing.
The startling sharpness of these scissors, made possible with
traditional techniques, can now be a fixture of anyone’s home.

Varieties: One
Materials: Steel, soft iron
Approximate dimensions: Total length: 200 mm Depth: 80mm
Total retail price: ¥24,200 (tax included)

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