TOKYO Teshigoto

Tsumami-kanzashi (ornamental hairpins) add flair to dress
for gala occasions such as Shichi-Go-San
(festival for three and five year old boys
and three and seven year old girls.)
and Coming-of-Age celebrations.
The artisan cuts fabric such as thin silk habutae
into little squares, folds them using tweezers,
and combines them to make the figures of flowers,
birds, and other motifs.
The hairpins are accessories applying the know-how
in fine tsumami-zaiku craft passed down from the Edo period.

HARENO Accessories updated the techniques
of this delicate and beautiful tsumami-zaiku
so that the accessories could be worn not only
with hairstyles for traditional Japanese dress
but also with Western-style dress.
The tsumami-zaiku artisans
Minoru Hozumi and Yuko (his daughter)
work together to make each accessory by hand.

The pair expanded the business
and began to produce necklaces and pierced earrings
based on designs of two patterns taking ribbons
and windmills as their motifs. For kanzashi,
the usual approach is to spread out the folded fabric
in a fan shape and create figures of flowers
and other subjects. The Hozumi team,
however, produced an urbane, modern design
by spreading them out vertically and horizontally.
Because the accessory is made with fabric,
it has a light weight that is welcomed by wearers.

In contrast to kanzashi made with brightly colored fabric,
HARENO Accessories uses fabric of gold, silver, ash,
and subdued pink, in order to brew a calm atmosphere
free of statements that are too strong.
Its tsumami-zaiku accessories can be confidently
worn both for festive occasions and in everyday life.

HARENO Accessories
Tsumami-zaiku: pure silk, polyester (gold and silver fabric)
Beads: pearl beads
Base: acrylic resin
Chain & earring hooks: gold/14KGF, silver/SV925
Size: Necklace: gold & silver – 4 g, ash/cherry – 3 g
Earrings: gold & silver – 2 g (1 set), ash/cherry – 1.5 g (1 set)
Number of types: 7
Suggested retail price: Necklace: \7,150 to \10,780 (tax included)
Earrings: \7,480 to \7,700 (tax included)

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