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When pouring beverages such as Japanese saké into a “gyokuhai,” a transparent ball emerges from the bottom. This saké cup has long been a preference amongst men with refined tastes. “Gin Urushi Gyokuhai” was created so it would be more familiar and enjoyed by more people over conventional “gyokuhai” made only with silver. The “urushi” lacquer is Yamanaka lacquerware so two traditional craft forms can be appreciated at once. The illusion of the ball, which emerges from the cup, is like a full moon reflected in the water. The ball also symbolises “mitama” or spirit, and drinking from a cup with an emerging ball is similar to a ritual for acquiring mystical powers. Whether enjoying a drink in style, or at an auspicious banquet, this “gyokuhai” will no doubt bring an unexpected level of enjoyment. Various cup sizes and Yamanaka lacquerware colours are available to match different tastes and occasions.

Gin Urushi Gyokuhai
Size: φ72mm × H50mm, φ67mm × H65mm, φ65mm × H80mm, φ67mm × H80mm
Materials: Silver

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