TOKYO Teshigoto

“Nagare” Silver Sake Cup

Tokyo Ginki (Silverware)

Sipping on spirits, or is it a sphere? When filled with sake, the cup will appear to contain a spherical gem. Although visible due to a fixed radius of curvature, the glimmering white silver makes the sphere stand out ever more distinctly. The “Nagare” silver sake cup is designed with lines reminiscent of the “nagare” or “flow” of water, forming a crown-like reflection around the sphere. Turned over, the lines form curves that gently carve along the side of a mountain. The creation of such precise lines is the work of skilled silversmiths. These lines shift with different angles, remaining visually alluring. A ring-shaped stand is provided with the cup, but it is possible to place the cup down without it. The slight rocking motion causes the gem inside to sway in an interesting manner. A crowned gem as an evening drink raises one’s spirits for tomorrow. As an auspicious image, it makes for a delightful congratulatory gift. Four sets are available, in matte silver, glossy silver and a combination of a silver finish with gold.

Size : φ76mm × H25mm
(the base φ35mm × H8mm)
Materials: Silver

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