TOKYO Teshigoto

With just a light fanning movement comes an opulent breeze. Ever since the special suppleness of rattan was called upon to create with its bamboo skeleton the traditional Japanese uchiwa fan, a completely unique breeze was to be enjoyed. There is an easy on the touch feel to the fan thanks to the use of “Hosokawa-shi” washi, a UNESCO defined Intangible Cultural Heritage. The rattan inner frame which can be seen through the handmade Japanese paper, is moulded closely to the shape of the fan like the swirls of a whirlpool. When we think of a traditional uchiwa’s structure, it’s usually like the spokes of a wheel but this whirlpool design is something new. In fact in order to turn this design into a reality, it was necessary to embark on a process of trial and error as something very different to previous rattan furniture was being created. And it’s not just the frame of the fan but also the handle that is wrapped in rattan. There is a glossy feel to its surface so it is cool to the touch. But it is also a material often used for knife handles as it is known for its non-slip quality. One by one each grip has been tightly and carefully wrapped in rattan by the hands of the craftsman and when touched, it offers a cool sensation to the skin. There are three designs for your consideration: the larger sized fan, “The Hexagon”, the charming fuller figure of “The Round” and the compact shape of “The Square”.

W160mm × H365mm × D10mm
W220mm × H375mm × D10mm
W230mm × H350mm × D10mm
Materials: Rattan, Washi (Japanese paper)

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