TOKYO Teshigoto

Challenging surface tension. “Totai Shippo” (Totai Cloisonné) requires incorporating and fixing enamel on silver-based openwork sections while using surface tension. This technique, even extremely difficult among the various types of Tokyo Cloisonné, reached new heights with this challenge. The accessories were named “Kamon” (flower crest). Among them, the enamel for “Ume” (plum), expressed with petals in perfect circles, can only be fixed by fully controlling the delicate balance of the surface tension(a). Even Mr Hatakeyama, currently one of the few craftsmen who mastered “Totai Shippo”, said he had failed in the four times that he tried for the initial production. Even for an expert, great amounts of time must be spent to learn a new technique. It requires more delicacy than ever before for incorporating the enamel, and repeated firing. The lush petals let the sunlight pass through, and bloom beautifully with a complex expression as if they are part of the natural world. “PLANET” refers to the Wu Xing Theory, and the five elements which constitute the whole are represented in the mystical designs of the planets – Jupiter for wood, Mars for fire, Saturn for earth, Mercury for metal and Venus for water.

Size: φ20mm × T1.0mm
(Overall H23mm × T3.0mm)
Material: Silver (silver 925, rhodium plating finished)
Size: φ20mm × T1.0mm
(Overall H23mm × T2.0mm)
Material: Gunmetal (rhodium plating finished)

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