TOKYO Teshigoto

Tortoiseshell crafts began with kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) during
the Edo Period. At present, artisans continue to render this material
into various decorative items using traditional techniques.

Takashi Isogai decided to challenge himself to making these
accessories, drawing on the advantages of the translucent quality of
tortoiseshell. In addition, by adding techniques such as folding and
notching to traditional tortoiseshell crafts, he creates an entirely
new look and feel.

Then one day, Mr. Isogai thought of origami: it occurred to him that
a single flat piece of paper can be folded into three-dimensional
shapes.He decided to apply the techniques of the world of origami
to tortoiseshell.Yet it was a long road to making this a reality.
The thinner the tortoiseshell, the more translucent, and the brighter
the color and pattern. If it is too thin, however,
then tortoiseshell lacks durability, and it cannot be processed as
desired. During this process,
Mr. Isogai created countless prototypes, finally achieving a delicate
balance between beauty and durability.

The result was Origami Bekko Jewelry.
Tortoiseshell can be fashioned into all manner of simple-yet-bold
accessories thanks to its smooth materials, natural color variation,
and because it becomes flexible when warmed and hardens
when cooled.
Tortoiseshell craft can truly be called an agglomeration of the
techniques of seasoned artisans.

Origami Bekko Tortoiseshell Jewelry
Varieties: 15
Material: Tortoiseshell
Approximate Size:
Cut bracelet: W 30-45mm Inner diameter: 68mm
Short necklace: 400mm
Half-circle earrings: 50 mm × 8 mm × 15mm
Ring: Four circles: 50mm ×15mm × 15mm, etc.
Suggested retail price (tax included):
Bracelet: \132,000-\220,000/Necklace: \49,500-\121,000/Earrings:\25,300-\29,700/Ring: \24,200-\33,000/Pendant: \16,500

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