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13 Edo Tsumami-Kanzashi (Ornamental Hairpins)
Hair Ornaments that Exude a Sense of Happiness.

Minoru Hozumi of the Yume-Kobo started out as a disciple in the age of 16, and worked in the world of Tsumami Kanzashi, Japanese style hair ornaments, for almost 70 years already. In order to craft Tsumami Kanzashi, multi-coloured silk-cloth pieces of a few centimetres are picked up with tweezers and arranged into small triangles. These triangles are then combined to form a hair ornament decorated with flowers etc. In an era when many women were tying up their hair in the traditional Japanese style, they would use Tsumami Kanzashi to decorate their glossy black hair. Nowadays three- and seven-year-old girls celebrating the Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three) festival and 20-year-old girls on the Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day), are wearing Tsumami Kanzashi. Befitting of these hair ornaments worn on festive occasions full of smiles, Mr Hozumi thought up a unique variation, the Fuku Tsumami, or ‘Happiness Tsumami’. By not forming any pointed or sharp flower petals, Fuku Tsumami gives off a soft and fluffy impression, further adding a sense of happiness to Mr Hozumi’s Tsumami Kanzashi. With his proficient skills Mr Hozumi brings smiles to women’s faces, and he also produces accessories fitting to western style clothing. To bring a sense of happiness to more and more women.

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Minoru Hozuni