TOKYO Teshigoto

It is fun to hit the percussion speaker “DAHON”.
The square wooden box is both an instrument
and an acoustic device,
created by the shamisen studio “Sangenshi Kikuoka”.
The shape of the “DAHON” is designed after
the shamisen’s torso as motif.
Where on the upper part of the
shamisen the leather is attached,
here a karaki wood called karin (Chinese quince tree),
that is also used for the shamisen,
is utilized.Hard wood produces a pleasant sound.
The top plate of the karin has a slit,
and by placing a tablet there,
the resulting structure can amplify the sound richly.
For the karin on the top plate three types of wood,
wenge,Japanese zelkova and
Japanese horse chestnut are used,
and the sound quality varies depending on
the material of the wood.
You can choose the sound quality you prefer
by comparing the sounds.
In addition to the slit for inserting the tablet on the top plate,
there is also a slit with the design of Mt.Fuji and clouds.
This slit is for enjoying the “DAHON” as a percussion instrument.
You may hit it with the supplied mallet,
or place it on your knees and hit it with your hands like a cajon.
The simple sound has a relaxing quality.

Chinese quince tree / Wenge
Size: W220mm×D195mm×H87mm
Materials: Chinese quince tree, wenge
Chinese quince tree / Japanese zelkova
Size: W220mm×D195mm×H87mm
Materials: Chinese quince tree, Japanese zelkova
Chinese quince tree / Japanese horse chestnut
Size: W220mm×D195mm×H87mm
Materials: Chinese quince tree, Japanese horse chestnut

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