TOKYO Teshigoto

Ishihara Sensyoku Koubou

06 Tokyo Yuzen (Kimono)
The Way of the Dye is Without End.

In Japan a number of traditional dyeing techniques exist. There is Katazome, stencil dyeing using Ise Pattern Paper etc., Shinzen, where cloth is soaked into a liquid with dissolved dye, and Tegakizome, exemplified by the Yuzen dyeing technique, where a brush is used to dye the likenesses of animals and plants by drawing. All dyeing techniques require refined skills, and the Ishihara Sensyoku Koubou craftsmen are experts that mastered a multitude of these techniques. Tokyo Tegakizome Yuzen, Katazome, Shiborizome (a manual resist dyeing technique). Mr Ishihara uses his numerous honed skills to bring dye-works to the world, and asking himself anew “what is the dye technique in the tradition of Edo that elevates one’s elegance?”, the answer he arrived at was Sumizome. Sumizome literally means ‘Ink-dye’, though it is not a simple world of black and white. Just like there is the expression of Shijuhaccha Hyakunezumi, meaning 48 brown shades and 100 grey shades, the colour black has many gradations and tints. Fascinated with the depth of the endless possibilities of expression, Mr Ishihara is pursuing the perfect Sumizome. And Mr Ishihara’s journey to master the way of the dye, is continuing without end as well.

Ishihara Sensyoku Koubou
6-1-14,Mainamioi,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 140-0013
Minoru Ishihara