TOKYO Teshigoto

SUZUKOU pewter

Suzuki (Pewterware)

Striving for perfection.

Suzukou’s first generation, Kouzan Nakamura, is a known craftsman who has been awarded the title of “contemporary master craftsman.” Keiichi Nakamura, the current head of Suzukou, is the son of Kouzan Nakamura. Keiichi, who had a late start as tinsmith, studied under his father, Kouzan, stating that he has devoted himself to his studies every day, and went through more hardships than he had imagined himself. After tin vessels are casted in moulds, they are ground on a potter’s wheel using a unique planing tool called kanna to finish the shape. Apparently it was especially hard to learn controlling the kanna as desired. In the Suzukou workshop, a framed calligraphy decorates the wall. It says tsukumo (number 99, meaning 100 is next) and was written by his father. Tsukumo contains the message to never be complacent with the current state, to always be striving for perfection. Having seen the sublime spirit of craftsmanship and the excellence of his father’s skills, Keiichi has set the goal to become the next modern master craftsman to come from the Suzuko workshop. The inherited spirit of tsukumo helps to improve both skills and personality.