TOKYO Teshigoto

Atelier Tan

Tankin (Metal Hammering)

Metalwork radiating with warmth.

The metal plate changes its shape with the sounds of each powerful hammer strike. Holding the hammer is a delicate woman who looks as she would have nothing to do with such physically demanding work, metal artisan Ms Koto Miyata. Ms Miyata grew up in an environment with metal crafts always close to her, in a household where both her father and grandfather were metal artisans. The joy of seeing a hard metal plate change shape freely, the beauty of the colour and texture of the metal. Being enchanted by these charms that metal holds, she took this path quite naturally. Ms Miyata’s workshop is lined with hammers and other metalwork tools, some of which have been handed down by her father. Using these tools on silver, copper, brass and other metals, Ms Miyata crafts everything from small accessories, to large sculptures for outside decoration. And always, the gentleness unique to female artisans resides in the soft forms. Even though it is metal, you can feel the warmth come through. Such a craft is born.