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Highlighting the bubbles in glass: Edo kiriko gets a new look

The Edo Kiriko glass Awako Collection features the unique beauty of cut glass incorporating a design of glass bubbles.

Bubbles are a sign of something hand-made, and they imbue a product with unique charm. The bubbles take on even more life with special Edo kiriko cutting and assembly methods used here, adding depth to the entire item. Combining unique designs and sophisticated artisan techniques, this is Edo kiriko for upcoming generations.

No two pieces are exactly alike. The high quality and excitement of this traditional look add a wonderful touch to your daily life.

Edo Kiriko Cut Glass
Shimizu Glass

Varieties: 9
AWA-WA(Cyan, bronze red, clear) 
AWA-KIRA(Cyan, bronze red, clear) 
AWA-KOKO(Cyan, bronze red, clear)
Material: Glass
Diameter: 80mm 
Height: 125mm 
Approximate capacity: 380ml/260-300g
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