TOKYO Teshigoto

Tabletop Scissors (Bonsai Pruning, Paper Cutting)

Tokyo Uchihamono (Hand-Forged Blades)

Of course it cuts. Mr. Iwao Kawasumi,
the creator of the “Tabletop Scissors”, says so,
but first of all the sharpness is amazing.
Although referred to as “Tabletop Scissors”,
additional usages include “Bonsai pruning” and “Paper cutting”.
If you use it to cut bonsai buds,
it will cut them off with a sharp snap sound,
and if you cut paper, the blade will slide right through.
Mr. Kawasumi is a master craftsman of cutlery
known among Ikebana practitioners
all over the country under the name “Kuniharu”.
Products for professional use must be sharp
enough to meet the high demands of professionals.
Furthermore, the tool needs to be usable daily without burden
and possess beauty that meets the aesthetic eye.
When holding the tabletop scissors they are surprisingly light,
and when cutting into something,
the impact is barely transmitted to the hand.
And most of all, it has a beautiful shape.
Using the traditional method of “Souhizukuri” (total fire polishing),
even though the iron is struck into shape
with a hammer and polished by hand,
it is of immaculate beauty. Its beauty draws you in,
even if you are not a professional.
The difference in the height of the left and the righ
t side of the “Wagoshirae” handles is so that you can easily
pick it up from wherever you put it.
It is a masterpiece of Mr. Kawasumi’s inquisitive mind,
and his pursuit to always craft exquisite item.

Size: W65mm×D5mm×H180mm
Materials: Soft iron, steel

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