TOKYO Teshigoto

Cardholder “Yuitsu”

Sashimono (Wood Joinery)

Made by a craftsman in sashimono joinery, a beautifully grained card holder. Not larger than the palm of a hand, this does not disguise the skill required to make it. The body of the piece is assembled without nails or tacks using the classic sashimono technique of “Hozo-gumi”. This ensures great durability. The piece is built to allow for the subtle changes in wood in different temperatures, and this is part of its resilience. Only 17 mm wide the holder includes a drawer not immediately visible to the eye. So sealed and contained is the piece that a wood inlay design has been added to the front section, so one side can be distinguished from the other. Using this guide the owner can identify which way up the holder is, and then run their finger along the rectangle edge to open the concealed drawer. The drawer has holes made in its base, making a mechanism for it to be released by applying pressure from above. Returned, the drawer appears almost swallowed by the wood. Not visible to the eye, small changes in length at the level of a few hundred microns at the far and front end of the drawer create its special traction. Closed, it does not appear easy to open, and the way the joinery has made something akin to a puzzle box, means it will no doubt be a topic of conversation whenever business cards are exchanged.

Size: W100mm × H17mm × D69mm
Materials: B lack walnut (with a M aple inlay),
Maple (with B lack walnut inlay),
Oak (with a C hinese q uince inlay)

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