TOKYO Teshigoto

Edo Kiriko expressed as a flickering flame. The flame rises from the bottom up towards the heavens. Moving boldly, this innovative design stands out among the mostly elaborate and orderly successive patterns of other Edo Kiriko glass. The craftsman said he normally gets his ideas for designs from one photo that shows words and space. The colour gradation, which changes from green to blue to represent the flame, is expressed by carefully cutting the surface of the glass – covered with layers of blue and green over amber – by reducing the rotation speed of the grinder. When you look into it from the top, the flame at the bottom blooms like a flower. The name “Hibana” (flowering fire) comes from this image. People become absorbed when staring at fire. Edo Kiriko “Hibana” has the same power to give them that moment of fulfilment.

Saké glass
Size: φ60mm × H50mm
Material: Crystal glass
Rock glass
Size: φ80mm × H90mm
Material: Crystal glass

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