TOKYO Teshigoto

Named “Omame-san,” this kimono-dressed doll is a mere nine centimetres tall. Yet, despite her smallness, she is properly dressed in silk clothes. While traditional Japanese dolls are normally attached to a base, there is none for Omame-san. Rather than being displayed in a specific place to be admired, the craftsman created her with the wish for dolls to become more a part of everyday life. One day she stands next to the flowers by the window, and the following day, next to a photo stand; he hopes that Omame-san will help make each and every day more enjoyable. In addition, though also small, there are other authentic dolls he creates, such as a wooden figure of Daikoku-sama and Fukusuke, the symbols of business prosperity and good luck respectively. These are appreciated as gifts, not only for celebrating the opening of new businesses, but also as a symbol to wish success to young adults starting their careers.

Size: H70mm
Size: H90mm
Size: H60mm

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