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Kuroco Stripe Old-fashioned Glass

22 Edo Kiriko (Cut Glassware)

Black stripes which stand erectly from the bottom of the glass. This contemporary design, which fits comfortably into today’s lifestyle, has also been highly praised at the Challenge Award of the Traditional Handicrafts of Tokyo. Its name is “KUROCO STRIPE Masame” and has been created in the image of straight grain wood, a luxury material which can only be taken from the centre of raw timber. While sharp in design, it provides a sense of solace, as each glass is Edo Kiriko painstakingly hand carved one at a time by this skilled craftsman. In addition, “es” glasses have been born with the aim of enjoying Japanese saké from an authentic Japanese glass. The rim of the glass is uniquely designed to fully savour the rich aroma of the saké. A full line is available so the optimal glass can be selected according to the situation, such as fine malt beer as an aperitif, a dinner saké during the meal and vintage saké afterwards.

Kuroco Stripe Old-fashioned Glass
Size: φ90mm × H100mm
Materials: Crystal glass
es sake・es wine
Materials: Crystal glass

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