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Black Edo Kiriko Octagonal Patterns

22 Edo Kiriko (Cut Glassware)

Black Edo Kiriko glass with traditional patterns. These hexagonal and octagonal patterns give the black – which leans more towards modernism – an impression of profound beauty. Tajima Glass Company is the first to successfully develop this black-coloured glass. As the black colour transmits no light, carving the glass requires the skills of the craftsman. Thus, his challenging spirit for this complex task can be felt strongly in the fullness of the carvings. From the carved sides, the amber of the whiskey and green of the iced tea are shown through beautifully; however, the beauty of the shine is most prominent when carbonated mineral water or fine malt beer is poured. And when looking down from above, a brilliant scenery appears, bringing joy to those who use it. Black Edo Kiriko is available as a saké glass or tumbler.

Sake Cup
Size: φ60mm × H60mm
Materials: Crystal glass
Size: φ75mm × H105mm
Materials: Crystal glass

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