TOKYO Teshigoto

“Kometsunagi” is a Hanashyo original design created with the passion to express sophisticated splendour with the ultimate simple carvings. The patterns for “Kometsunagi” and “Asanoha-tsunagi” represent Japanese plants which symbolise wishes for prosperity. Both designs have been created with the highest level of skill for precisely repeating the same pattern. They are also distinguished for being all hand polished without the use of chemicals such as acid polish. “Kometsunagi” products were provided as gifts to the dignitaries at the 34th G8 Summit at Toyako, Hokkaido in 2008. “Kometsunagi” and “Asanoha-tsunagi” are created in various forms such as a wine glass or saké glass to meet various needs and purposes. Colours include red, lapis lazuli and grape purple.

Size: φ50mm × H60mm
Materials: Soda glass
Wine Glass
Size: φ55mm × H160mm
Materials: Soda glass
Long Wine Glass
Size: φ65mm × H200mm
Materials: Soda glass

*The information on this site is as of December 2017.

*Sizes, colours and shapes of the actual products may differ slightly as they are handmade.

*Product specifications and suggested retail prices may change without prior notice. Prices shown are all tax exclusive suggested retail prices.