TOKYO Teshigoto

“Urushi Glass Bunchin” – urushi lacquered glass paperweight – was created as a project for TOKYO CRAFTS & DESIGN 2012 by Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Aizu-nuri, a traditional lacquering method particular to Fukushima prefecture is applied on one side of the optical glass triangular prism. Though, coloured lacquer is applied only to one side, the complex coloured patterns appear on the entire paperweight according to the refraction of the light. “Urushi Glass Bunchin” is a product which demands the highest level of skills, as it combines the two unrelated materials of lacquer and glass in the shape of a triangular prism to increase light refraction. It is available in different patterns and lacquer colours. “Karai Taisho Roman Glass” is certified as a Sumida Modern Brand in Sumida, Tokyo. We revived the “Karai” (flowering bud) Taisho Roman series, a popular production process from the Taisho period of the early 20th century. Much time and labour has been put into these glasses as this process takes twice as long as conventional methods.

Urushi Glass Bunchin
Size: W30mm × D180mm × H30mm
Materials: Optical glass
Size: φ87mm × H95mm
Materials: Soda glass

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