TOKYO Teshigoto

Edo Kiriko glass Kabuki style. “Kumadori”, a makeup worn by Kabuki actors specifically for rough style scenes, is incorporated into the design of this Edo Kiriko glass named “Kabukiriko”. Cutting the glass dressed in bright colours such as red and lapis lazuli to create beautiful patterns is today the mainstream for Edo Kiriko. In addition, making the patterns emerge with the remaining colours is a very unique technique. The white makeup worn by Kabuki actors is expressed with matte processed by sandblasting. Carving the borders between the matte surface and the coloured surface creates a shadow in the glass to enhance the presence of the “Kumadori”. Trial productions were repeated numerously to attain this expression(a). Carving the glass to create a multi-curve design requires a difficult technique that’s very different from that of traditional elaborate patterns such as “Kiku-tsunagi”. Red, known as “Beniguma” represents justice and bravery. Lapis lazuli, known as “Aiguma” represents superhuman strength. Expressing “Beniguma” and “Aiguma” with red and lapis lazuli, the common colours used in Edo Kiriko glass, is also amusing. Kiriko and Kabuki. Both specialties of Tokyo are represented in “Kabukiriko” glass.

Size: φ76mm × H90mm
Material: Soda glass (Edo Kiriko colour covered glass)

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