TOKYO Teshigoto

Hira-kiriko” is an Edo faceting technique in which glass is placed
against the side of a large disk blade and cut into a flat surface.
“Sandblasting,” in which masking stickers are applied to the glass
and sand is blown on the glass to cut patterns.
By combining these two techniques,
a completely new style of Edo faceting was born.
The sides of colored glass (two layers of transparent glass covered with lapis lazuli or red glass) are cut flat on 18 sides.
The bottom of the sake cup is sandblasted
with a serpentine pattern,
a typical pattern of sake cups.
The glass has a kaleidoscope-like reflection
of the serpentine pattern on the bottom of the 18 polished sides
when the sake is poured,
giving it a new look every time you pick it up.

GLASS-LAB Corporation

Type: Two types in total "lapis lazuli" and "copper red”
Material: Soda glass
Size: Φ73xH75 / approx. 220g
Suggested retail price (tax included): ¥45,100
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