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Armor Sword – Shoehorn

24 Edo Katchu (Warrior Armour)

This shoehorn is designed in a streamlined shape
reminiscent of a Japanese sword,
and is decorated with the handle and brim of a sword
using armor manufacturing methods and techniques.
The shoehorn is designed by 3D modeling to look like a real sword.
The storage chest that holds the shoehorn is also decorated
with armor technique called “Odoshi”,
which adds a sense of dignity to the styling.
Yasuhiro Okoshi, a traditional craftsman of “Koshigaya Armor,” says,
“I hope people will enjoy the gap between what looks like
a Japanese sword and a shoehorn.”

Armor Sword – Shoehorn
Okoshi Tadashi Seisakusho

Armored Sword - Shoehorn
Type: 1 type, shoehorn and storage chest
Material: Aluminum, wood, brass, artificial silk thread, iron
Size:Shoehorn 700x70x70mm / approx. 400g,
Storage chest 170x120x80mm / approx. 900g
Suggested retail price (tax included): ¥45,000
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