TOKYO Teshigoto

Edo-komon Wineglass Markers (WainWain)

02 Tokyo Some-Komon (Tokyo Fine-Patterned Dyeing)

Wineglass markers with colourfully dyed Edo-komon designs.
When you are at a home party or similar gathering
with your closest friends, just casually slip one of these
on your wineglass if you have to leave your spot
so you will know which glass is yours when you come back.
The doughnut-shaped markers have notches in them that
enable them to slide around a stem of a wineglass
and sit upon its base.
Edo-komon designs are often for kimonos that are worn
on formal occasions, and tend to have subdued colour schemes.
So these markers have been purposely made
with happy colours in colourful schemes that go well with
wine and are certain to add life to your party.
The Yabane, Seigaiha, Uroko, and Ichimatsu motifs are
all auspicious, and are different on top and bottom,
which is another fine detail.
The fabric is silk that has undergone waterproofing
treatment to enable worry-free use.
These beautiful Edo-komon designs should be perfect
for your everyday life, and also make thoughtful gifts
for overseas visitors.

Size: φ62mm × H 3mm
Materials: Silk, felt
(6 pieces set)

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