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Daimatsu Senkoujyo Co., Ltd

02 Tokyo Some-Komon (Tokyo Fine-Patterned Dyeing)
Innovation and Development, a Dyeing Technique Like No Other.

‘We dye anything that isn’t water or air.’ These are the words of Yasutaka Nakajyo, second generation craftsman at the Daimatsu Senkoujyo Co., Ltd, and they show his high aspirations. The Daimatsu Senkoujyo Co., Ltd is proficient in traditional dyeing techniques such as Edo Komon and Edo Sarasa, and can even dye synthetic fibers, leather and other materials. Mr Nakajyo won the award Gendai no Meiko, meaning ’masterful artisan of the current age’, and got the yellow ribbon medal, which is awarded for ‘hard work and setting an example for others’. With Mr Nakajyo leading the factory, you can see a superb level of quality in the handwork skills of all of these craftsmen. A specialty of the Daimatsu Senkoujyo Co., Ltd is the double-sided dyeing, a stencil dyeing technique where the colour does not show through on the other side of the thin silk cloth. By not sparing the effort of manual work, instead of changing to a machine, the craftsman acquires thorough knowledge about how much force to apply through the sense of his fingertips, grasping even the slightest sensations, to craft a unique dye. In addition to the firmness of the handwork, special equipment was adopted early on to intensify colours and heighten their fixation. The factory features a stainless steel high pressure steam oven, to ensure vivid colouring in a variety of fibres. The catchphrase of the third generation dye-works craftsman Yasutaka Nakajyo, who follows in the footsteps of Mr Yasutaka Nakajyo, is “There is no 100%”. Always pursuing more perfection, the Daimatsu Senkoujyo Co., Ltd continues to innovate and develop.

Daimatsu Senkoujyo Co., Ltd.
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Yasutaka Nakajyo