TOKYO Teshigoto

Cotton Ink-Dyed Gradation Scarf

Sumizome (Ink Dyeing)

A colour that is reserved and yet leaves
an unforgettable impression.
This Sumizome scarf is an expression
of the chic ideal taken seriously
by people born and raised in Edo/Tokyo.
After studying a variety of dyeing techniques
including Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen, Katazome, and Shiborizome,
the dye craftsman, Mr. Ishihara, came across the simple yet
profound dyeing technique known as Sumizome.
The ink he selected came from pine soot
from Iwaki in Fukushima prefecture.
Pine soot is made by burning pine wood,
but the pine-wood ink also has a blueness to it.
The scarf is dyed by soaking in the ink.
When the ends of the cloth are dipped in the ink,
capillary action sucks up the molecules of the ink,
and this in turn creates natural gradations of colour shades.
The scarf is dyed to create these shades lengthwise
from left to right, and different impressions can be
created depending on how the scarf is arranged.
The cloth is cotton gauze, and so can provide
a refreshing option in even sweaty seasons.
A colourfast coating has been used to enable washing at home,
and the ink is sunlight-resistant to allay any fears of fading.
These showy shades of colour can be worn by people of all ages,
irrespective of gender.

Size: W800mm × D1900mm
Materials: Cotton

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