TOKYO Teshigoto

Have fun going out—and stay cool—in these garments of traditional Tokyo!

The fabric used here is high-quality yukata material, known as menro, which is dyed in the traditional manner. We adjusted the traditional hanten short coat and haori coat for sizing, comfort, and for keeping the wearer cool.
These items were developed to target foreign nationals in Japan—as well as the younger generations of Japanese who are less likely to be familiar with yukata—as fun summer garments. The chosen pattern is the mythical three-legged crow, the shrine crest of the Kumano Shrine (Tateishi, Katsushika Ward) honoring Abe no Seimei—a famous onmyoji sorcerer.
Another pattern used is a depiction of Tateishi bon-odori dance. Enjoy this peaceful scene of the townspeople dancing.

Tokyo Honzome-Dyed Yukata and Towels
Tokyo Wazarashi K.K.

Tokyo HAORI Honzome Dyeing
Varieties: Two (Yatagarasu/Bon-odori dance)
Materials: 100% silk
Size/weight:One-size-fits-all/360g each
Suggested retail price (tax included): ¥29,700 each
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