TOKYO Teshigoto


Edo Katchu (Warrior Armour)

A suit of armour, across the seas

Japanese armour has richness and beauty in both shape and colour. Even the beauty of the function, as well as the aesthetic sense of the warriors who competed to get out of the group, there are breathtaking.

Armour where all the craftsmanship gathers, such as luxurious helmets and barrels seen in bowls, lacquerware, woodworking, leather craftwork, braid, and Kyoto textiles.
No wonder Japanese armour is so called “the ultimate craft piece”.

Founder In 1964, Tadayasu has worked on the creation of armor of the May doll decorated in hopes of a healthy growth of a boy at the festivals of the day. The armour of Tadayasu is genuine oriented to recreate the aesthetic sense of military commander in detail under elaborate era consideration. Even with one armour as an example, it is made with the number of manufacturing processes that count 5000.
In each process, skilled craftsmen shape the aesthetic sense, but that technique is now poured into new things, not only for Festive doll.

Bottle armour. It is an armour that puts on a liquor bottle and loves its beauty. Ask the contemporary lifestyle about the traditional technique and aesthetic sense that has been handed down. Designed by Yasuhiro Ohkoshi from Tadayasu’s current leader. “I want to let more people know about Japan’s aesthetic sense and the beauty of armour” and now he is looking for the overseas market. Bottle Armour was initially targeted for putting on a bottle of sake, but it could suggested to a wine bottle according to overseas market, and fine-tuned the size and shape. Ohkoshi challenges overseas with bottle armour. Armor crosses the sea.

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Yasuhiro Ohkoshi