TOKYO Teshigoto

Yaegashi Uchihamono Seisakusho

Tokyo Uchihamono (Hand-Forged Blades)

Blacksmith work with its roots in sword making

Yaegashi Uchihamono Seisakusho is a metalworks with a heritage in the manufacture of swords. In Tokyo there are two traditions in knife manufacture: Tokyo Uchihamano, and Edo Uchihamono. The Tokyo tradition dates from the Meiji period (1868-1912) onwards, and is focussed principally on scissor type blades. Yaegaeshi is a smith’s shop originating in the earlier Edo style. The present leader of the works: Muneaki Yaegashi, also takes the name of fourth generation “Sword-maker Muneaki”. In a workshop that shimmers in the haze of its red coke fire, Muneaki works with his uncle and two young apprentices. At the Yaegashi works they operate principally with the traditional “Souhizukuri” (Total Fire Method) technique to make professional quality tools such as Japanese knives used by chefs, chisels for carpenters, barber’s razors and parts for use in advanced manufacturing. The current leader of the firm has an especial respect for Korehide Tsuyozuru, a classic blacksmith of the early twentieth century, and the maker of many famous works. His aim is to follow Tsuyozuru in producing tools that are sharp to the cut, and have a beautiful finish. This fineness of the blade, and the satisfaction in its use, are the reason that the Yaegashi firm’s reputation has spread throughout Japan, and for its busy order book.

Yaegashi Uchihamono Seisakusho
3-4-7, Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 124-0012
Muneaki Yaegashi