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Nagasawa Seisakusho


A classic work of sharp sophistication

Over three generations until the present day, the Nagasawa company has developed itself as a metal workshop proficient in many materials. Copper and bronze, but also dealing with silver and aluminium. In the workshop, initial form is created on a metal plate, before patterns are made with the tools that line the room. Hammers to add blunt shine, burners to affect the metal’s shape, and a sulphuric tank to take from the surface. The power of the tools belie the delicacy of the work done with them. The signature product of the workshop is its copper teapot. Known for its refinement, the Nagasawa teapot matches this with the functionality of its design. There are, for example, no dribbles from its spout. The skills to achieve this have been passed down from the company’s founder, Kinjiro Nagasawa, a renowned craftsman. The current head of the workshop Toshihisa Nagasawa too has an approach to beauty and function that “borders on obsession”. Even in changing times, the effort to achieve the work’s “antique colour” continues to resonate today. Testament to its longevity and the love of its owners, work by the company’s founder is still occasionally brought to the workshop for repair.

Nagasawa Seisakusho
3-7-4, Arakawa, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, 116-0002
Takehisa Nagasawa
Toshihisa Nagasawa