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Shinozaki garasu kougeisho

Edo Kiriko (Cut Glassware)

To make something “like nothing else”

Delicate marks appear on the rounded cut surface known as the “tama”. The patterned facade gives the impression of looking at a kaleidoscope. This work reflects the unique position the Shinozaki glassworks have in the world of Edo Kiriko cut glass, on account of their skill and of the original nature of the designs they produce. The foundations for this were built by the workshop’s first generation: Seiichi Shinozaki. Aged 15 he moved from Gunma to Tokyo, and developed his abilities at glassworks including Shimizu Glass. In 1957, Shinozaki established his own workshop, having used his time elsewhere to cultivate his aim of making something “like nothing else”. From the earliest days on his own, Shinozaki balanced everyday work with this objective of creating his own, unique designs. This spirit of glassware “like nothing else” remains the central ethos of the workshop, and has been passed to its second generation: Hideaki Shinozaki. Even between father and son there is a commitment not to make works that resemble the other. To bring together a range of new designs each year continues to be among the most difficult tasks the workshop takes on. At present there are five craftspeople in residence, and within them is the likely leader into the third generation: Hideaki’s son Shota.

Shinozaki garasu kougeisho
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Hideaki Shinozaki