TOKYO Teshigoto


Kawa Zaiku (Leather Craft)

Technique and aesthetic sense refined through crocodile.

Crocodile, ostrich, python, lizard. Such leather is called exotic leather and is quite rare. It has a unique look, and is often used for high-brand products. How to cut a piece of leather requires aesthetic awareness, and further, due to its luxury, does not allow for mistakes. In other words, it is leather that requires both technique and aesthetic sense. Sakura Works is a workshop with craftsmen who have been dealing with exotic leather for nearly 60 years. The Sakura Works representative himself has a career in planning and designing leather goods as a designer for European-based brands. The reason why the products show the same sort of refinement just as an overseas brand is because two people who fully understand the fascinations of leather are combining their strengths to the fullest.