TOKYO Teshigoto


From Supporting Role to Main Protagonist.

In Japan you can find a type of craftsman called Zoka Shi. Zoka are artificial flowers, for example tachibana oranges and cherry blossoms to complement Hina dolls, or the flowers that Warabe dolls are holding in their hands. They definitely do not play the starring role, though their presence is of importance in amplifying the dignity and lovely atmosphere brought about by the dolls. Let’s take for example the supporting role that adds depth to a drama. Just like there are actors that only play supporting roles, steadily honing their skills, and thus becoming unparalleled actors, there are several steps in crafting Zoka as well, and for each step there are specific skills that can be polished. It is also the accumulation of daunting, steady work. Looking even at one single cherry blossom, it is composed out of the components stem, branches, calyx, flower core and petals. Each single part has to be given a lively form and then be assembled into a whole. If you would count each individual step there might be over a hundred. Founded in 1922, Okahan keeps working steadily to bring life to these artificial flowers. The flowers complementing the Japanese dolls and ceremonial dolls, through the hands of the third generation craftsman Yuji Okada, become the main protagonist. Combining proficiency with the accumulation of studies, new Zoka flowers emit a sense of presence never seen before.

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Yuji Okada