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Edo Kiriko Urokomon Old-fashioned Glass

22 Edo Kiriko (Cut Glassware)

Its beauty brings to mind an ice sculpture. To touch the protruding ice drop like sections on the surface leaves a sensation. An unusual form, it is still a product of a careful balance in scale in the drops on its surface. For this reason, the glass holds a special quality. While it appears a design that has existed for the ages, it is in fact an original arrangement of the traditional Urokomon pattern. In its traditional form Urokomon is made from an intersection of the evenly spaced straight lines – but here the lines are given a bending quality as they stretch toward the rim. The curve allows the glass an elegance in form. The transparent style of Edo Kiriko cut glass, with no colour added, is best enjoyed with red wine, whisky or other drinks with their own tint. That part which stands up from the surface appears now filled with beautiful colour. In this lineup the refined “Clear” glass is placed alongside a new version: “Snow”. For the “Snow” glass only the base has been refined on the lower section. The unrefined “snowy” section of the glass floats, and has a beauty on its smooth backdrop.

Size:φ80mm × H90mm
Materials: Crystal glass

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