TOKYO Teshigoto

Decoration refined into function. “Oroshi Kiriko” is a wasabi grater that sublimated its “Nanako” pattern – a traditional design commonly used as decoration for Edo Kiriko glass– into the function of grating spikes. “Nanako” pattern resembles fish eggs, and is expressed by delicately intersecting vertical and horizontal cuts onto Edo Kiriko glass. The traditional technique, aimed to gather light so the glass will shine radiantly, requires skilled craftsmanship. For this new development however, various verifications were repeated for optimising the pitch and depth of the cuts to give function to the “Nanako” pattern. And to enhance ease of use, a more sophisticated cutting technology was required so the grating surface will be quite unlike conventional Kiriko. “Oroshi Kiriko”, with its transparent glass and lapis lazuli colour distinctive of Edo Kiriko, brings out the freshness of the wasabi and produces a sense of cool refreshment. When placed on the dining table, it can be used as a bowl for the wasabi, and turned upside down for grating the wasabi. The aroma rises as the grated green wasabi accumulates in the centre of the grating surface. Even the beauty of the wasabi being grated, was premeditated. Two types of “Oroshi Kiriko” are available: a cool and refreshing lapis lazuli version and a clear version.

Lapis lazuli
Size: W65mm × H38mm × D72mm
Material: Crystal glass
Size: W70mm × H38mm × D73mm
Material: Crystal glass
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