TOKYO Teshigoto

Copper Kyusu Teapot


A copper teapot of engaging beauty. The heat conductivity of its material allows the pot to deliver balanced and flavourful green, black or Chinese tea to its owner. The appeal of a copper made teapot was originally found in this functionality of its material. This one however, offers its own beauty to the dinner table. Its antique colour is produced from the skill of the third generation metalworker who crafted it. Even new it feels at home, and with the warmth of use. The surface indentations too, appear random but are in fact the product of careful calculation. The pot is hewn with the aesthetic sense of a Japanese tankinshi metal worker, but combines this with a functionality in use. The aim of a clean “cut” to prevent spills or dribbles after pouring tea has been with the craftsmen since their first generation developed a special tool to shape the spout edge in a curve. The handle, and peak of the lid, are finished with rattan to prevent the transfer of unwanted heat. In fact, the handle is made with brass beneath the rattan, to limit further the heat from within. With no tin applied to the inner material, the copper is left to impart its full quality. After use, to turn the pot upside down reveals a new canvas of hammer work on its base. A faultless beauty within utility is on display.

Barrel type (large)
Size: φ80mm, W130mm × H175mm ( body 100mm)
Capacity: 400cc
Materials: Copper, rattan
Round type (medium)
Size: φ135mm, W165mm × H80mm ( handle 72mm)
Capacity: 380cc
Materials: Copper, brass, rattan

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