TOKYO Teshigoto

Light-weight 16-bone Color Titanium Umbrella

41 Tokyo Youkasa(umbrella)

The Mont Blanc brand is synonymous with hogushi-ori weave

Yet, five years of development work broke
that mold to give the world a lightweight umbrella
featuring 16 ribs and color fixable titanium shaft.

In a plain color and with a 60-centimeter rib arc,
this unisex titanium model is neither too small
for men nor too unwieldy for women.

The enchanting roundness of this umbrella’s form
is possible thanks to all 16 of the light carbon fiber ribs.

This tough durable umbrella rises to the occasion
even in gale-force winds gusting at speeds up
to 30 meters per second.

And to brush away the blandness of the lightweight titanium shaft,
we have given it a colored surface finish.

So that when this umbrella is opened,
the deep red bellflower color of the shaft
changes hue by delicate degrees
to become an azure end supporting the ferrule (tip).

The plain fabric is referred to as “kari-ori” (temporary weave)
in textile terms.
It is still woven using the hogushi-ori weaving technique
on cloth of single breadth,
but excludes the stencil dyeing of the “tenassen” process.

Using a fine polyester yarn
that has been pre-dyed for saki-zome-ori (yarn-dyed weave)
wonderfully makes for a fabric that does not fade easily.
And, being black,
the canopy calmly tees up the admiration
to be grabbed by the hues of the shaft.

The canopy fabric is given several coatings of special UV blocker
and waterproofing to enable it
to keep offering protection during days of torrential downpours,
without becoming heavy with the weight of sogginess.

This umbrella is a joy to behold
with the comparatively thicker ridges
(produced by using an aya-ori, or twill weave)
that change into a smooth and shiny weave
(shusu-ori, or satin weave) at the edges
and centers of the canopy panels. And,
with the lame threads arranged, the selvage gains greater strength.

And, as a single thread is used in stitching,
there is no stitch and turn on the fabric
and the cut end does not fray,
so the umbrella’s demeanor is splendid from top to bottom,
showing the beauty of raindrops as they sleekly roll down
the bubble of the canopy.

The cowhide handle,
caringly hand-stitched by artisans,
neatly joins with the tip cup to receive the runner
when it is pulled down to close the umbrella,
while the shaft is bound with kite twine
in a traditional method to provide alignment adjustment
– thus, the umbrella is assembled, step by loving step.

With only leather and titanium to handle,
doubtless the design takes into account the cold,
wet days where the owner will want to use this umbrella
without any icy shocks.

there is no leaking from seams
because the sewing thread is water repellent.
And, waxed double-twisted saddle-stitch thread is used to sturdily
connect the canopy fabric to the ribs, providing greater strength.

Anyone who has one of these umbrellas
will doubtless have a reliable companion on a rainy day.

Light-weight 16-bone Color Titanium Umbrella
Materials: Polyester, Titanium, carbon fiber
Size: Main bone length 60cm
Type: Black 60cm, shaft with gradation

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