TOKYO Teshigoto

“Ajiro represents one of the ornaments
that can be placed at fixed locations within our daily lifestyles.”

So says Toshimitsu Kakinuma,
a traditional craftsman providing support for
Kakinuma Ningyo together
with his second-generation father,
the chairman, and his elder brother, the president.

“Cloth-wrapped heartwarming items that are part of our daily lives.
I create these in the hope that people will have the wherewithal
to hold and purchase items like this from various points of view.”

The current age is resulting in situations
where people westernize their homes
and use fewer traditional items
for ornaments.

One item that is easy for young people to pick up and handle
and that provides a glimpse of Japanese expression is
the Ajiro Kakinuma Ningyo Kimekomi Ring Case.

These cases are based on the traditional hina dolls,
and the fabric is prevented from moving
with the use of a technique known as Kimekomi.

The outer fabric is Nishijin brocade,
and the inner cushioning is pure silk.
They are gorgeous ring cases
that bring the ceremonial robes of the hina dolls to mind.

Several different types of fabric are carefully
selected from the countless number of fabrics available,
and then combined in a way that best displays their beauty.

The colors that shine through differ
depending on the colors of the rings.
White or green are suitable for gold rings,
and blue matches up well with silver rings.
It is also fun to chose case colors that match up with one’s rings.

The kimekomi craftsmen in other companies
often look at the design and say,
“This is Kakinuma-san’s work.”

Kakinuma Ningyo was one of the first companies
to begin producing items other than the dolls
known as “fudan-mono” (regular lineup).

They produced a Kimekomi Tray in collaboration with a designer,
and were praised highly by those around them for going overseas.

“We want to keep our eyes out for both traditional items
and leading-edge items and try our hand at anything.

We intend to remain faithful to the traditions inherited from our forebears
while creating items
that contain new elements in accordance with current trends.”

Kakinuma, who often visited and worked parttime in the workshop
and has therefore familiarized himself
with traditional crafts since he was young,
explains that it is his knowledge of the best of Japan
that caused him to work in this field,
and he goes on to add how much he enjoys it
with a smile on his face.

Aiming at making full use of his skills in
Edo Kimekomi dolls to produce items
that match up with the times,
Kakinuma Ningyo’s challenge continues today.

Kimekomi Ring Case “Ajiro”
Materials: polyurethane resin, synthetic fibers, pure silk
Size: W55mm × D55mm × H35mm
Types: Series of 6 colors
2295-1 White
2295-2 Blue
2295-3 Yellow
2295-4 Green
2295-5 Purple
2295-6 Pink

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